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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

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          2015 Endorsements:

  • Dan Martin, Ferndale Mayor Pro Tem
  • Melanie Piana, Ferndale City Council
  • Greg Pawlica, Ferndale City Council
  • Mike Lennon, Ferndale City Council
  • Jim O’Donnell, President, Ferndale Public School Board
  • Amy Butters, Ferndale Public School Board Trustee
  • Raylon Leaks-May, Ferndale Public School Board Trustee
  • Helaine Zack, Oakland County Commissioner
  • Marcia Gershenson, Oakland County Commissioner
  • Dave Woodward, Oakland County Commissioner
  • Marian McClellan, Oak Park Mayor
  • Ann Perry, Pleasant Ridge Commissioner
  • Jeremy Moss, State Representative
  • Jeannie Davis, President, Ferndale Seniors
  • Mark McDaniel Burton, Ferndale Arts & Cultural Commission
  • Kate Baker, former Ferndale City Councilperson
  • Tiffani Gagne, former Ferndale Library Trustee
  • Mary Ann Neal, former Ferndale Library Trustee
  • Eric Coleman, former Oakland County Commissioner
  • Kat Bruner James
  • George & Kara Chapp
  • Sharon Chess
  • Sean Drate
  • Jaron Garza
  • Deena Kachadoorian
  • G. Brian Kauffman
  • Bob Lenaway
  • Beth O’Connor
  • Harry Posner
  • Jackie Kelly-Smith
  • Chad Smith


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